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About Conservation

gilding4Gregg Perry Conservation is an international group of highly skilled artisans, conservators, restorers and horologists who apply traditional techniques to preserve and care for some of the finest furniture, clocks, wooden artifacts and interior wood work in the world. Our services are ONLY geared toward institutions and collectors whose primary interest is that of preservation and not for those whose interest is immediate monetary gains, this includes antique dealers, auction houses and brokers. The firm also provides museum quality reproduction furniture for institutes and private clients. Since its infancy, Gregg Perry has built a benchmark reputation in the United States, Great Britain and Europe for his knowledge of antique furniture and the delicate art and science of conserving it.Gregg Perry is distinguished in his approach because he trained at the prestigious Ecolé Boulle’s conservation/restoration program in Paris, France. During his tenure his practice objects were from the Louvre Musée, Versailles and other prominent French institutions. He spent an additional year apprenticing with seven of the top artisans in France; in the disciplines of Sculpture, Gilding, Finishing, Marquetry, Bronze Doré, Lacquer and Boulle marquetry.about_conservation1

Perry’s horological training includes a two year stint at the N.A.W.C.C. School of Horology, British Horological Institute, UK, West Dean College, UK and apprenticeships in Belgium and Germany. He received lacquer, fresco and gilding training in Florence and Venice Italy. He is continuing scientific analytical training at the Campbell Center in Mt. Carrroll, Ill.

At Gregg Perry Conservation, we work with a wide range of conservation issues, from general wear and tear, environmental influences and fire and flood damage.

Before any work is done, the history and condition of the property is examined carefully and documented. This ensures that all processes performed are sympathetic and appropriate to the piece and will not alter its intrinsic historic and monetary value.

We invite you to contact us to explore how Gregg Perry Conservation can help you conserve and protect your treasured antiques.

We have liability insurance and personal property insurance while your object is in our hands. Our studio is equipped with a monitored security system. In addition, it is humidified in the winter and air conditioned with de-humidification in the summer months to approximately 60° F and a relative humidity of 55%.