Our priority is to conserve as much of the old finish as possible, allowing the property to retain its maximum character and value. With extreme cases of sub-par refinishing or severe finish and/or patina damage, if over more than 70% of the surface area is involved the finish, and/or patina will have to be removed.

To match an authentic appearance and composition, a finish is built slowly starting with color and building with subsequent layer upon layer of film until the depth, clarity, sheen and color are achieved.

           Services Included:

  • Coloring with traditional and authentic materials
  • Restoring finishes with the same core materials as the original i.e. resins, shellac or waxes
  • Rebuilding all wax finishes as found on early European and English furniture
  • French polishing
  • Waxing
  • Brass cleaning and lacquering, cleaning of gilt metal and mounts