Conservation Services

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Cabinet Shop

Our cabinet shop can restore and preserve any variety of wood or non-wood furniture.

Coatings Conservation

When conserving an object, identification, consolidation and treatment of historically significant and aged finishes (coatings) is critical.


Gregg Perry conservators perform the time honored techniques of traditional oil and water gilding.


The carving room boasts over 800 different shaped hand carving chisels with hundreds of working original models. Missing components can be created from a photo, a drawing, and/or from researching Perry’s 3000 plus volume decorative arts library.


When polishing, our priority is to conserve as much of the old finish as possible, allowing the property to retain its maximum character and value.


One of the most painstaking of the artisan restoration trades, marquetryrequires an artistic hand and mind.


Japanning and lacquer restoration require an understanding of centuries old techniques with both eastern and western materials.