Clock Repair


Our specialty is British long case and bracket fusee mechanisms; including count wheel, rack and snail, 30 hour, 8-Day, 3 train and musical movements. Replacement parts are sympathetically hand-made at the bench and illegitimate repairs righted. Repairs include pivots, bushes, pinions, wheels, hands etc. Cleaning is done by hand with the delicacy of work-hardened brass surfaces in mind. Services of other movement types include: American and French time and strike through the late 19th century. Specialties include jewelling, platform and balance wheel escapement, and expert hairspring repair.

Clock repair is guaranteed for 2 years (this does not include any mechanical/physical failure due to metal fatigue, visible abuse of the time piece or any self repair or moving of a tall case or broken dial fusees from original set-up position).

The specialized oils and lubricants used to keep your fine clocks and watches running break down over time, causing excessive wear on adjacent surfaces. Invariably, these surfaces will be contaminated with fine dust particles, resulting in more friction and unwanted wear. Besides wear, the combination of dust, metal particles and gummy oils will slow, make erratic and sometimes stop your timepieces from running. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically service these pieces every 5-7 years.

All clocks and watches are fully photographed, documented, disassembled, cleaned with special sympathetic solutions using ultrasonic agitation and  hand cleaning to properly remove the old oils and contaminants. Next, each is sympathetically repaired and ending in all bearing surfaces being polished before reassembly.

After inspection, only the finest specialized oils and lubricants are placed precisely in the locations and the proper amounts used to ensure smooth operation. Using the trained ear and aided by specially designed electronic testing equipment, final adjustments are made to assure accurate timekeeping. Once accurate timekeeping is achieved, it is preferred to run each timepiece for 4-6 weeks after reassembly.