Scientific Instruments

Sympathetic fabrication of missing parts and components in brass and steelimage-1

 Engraving of missing indicies, registration marks etc. as long as there is overwhelming evidence of original

 Metallurgical patinization and surface texturing and treatments where surface has been altered in last 50 years

  Clear finishing of various sheens of metallic component

 Instrument mechanical rebuilding

  All wood component fabrication where it relates to functionality, structure and/or case of scientific object

 Instruments 1600-1840

 Metallic astrolabes

 Diptychs made in brass or ivory

 Wooden mariners nocturnal

 Brass equinoctial ring dial

 Metallic armillary spheres

 Astrolabe quadrants, metallic or wood

 Azimuth compasses

  Octants out of wood or brass

 Metallic prowins instruments

 Medicine chest with containers