For over 25 years the studio of Gregg Perry has produced high-end museum 18th century style reproductions. Perry has produced thousands of pieces of copies from period Chippendale chairs to a replica of the Madame de Pompadour Highboy from the Metropolitan Museum of Arts collection in New York City for discerning collectors world wide. Each commissioned piece is signed, dated and numbered.

A reproduction can be obtained from:

  • Photographs, books, magazines or measured drawings
  • An original object

Reasons to commission a reproduction:

  • Original object is unattainable due to price or rarity
  • Selling an original at auction and would like a copy to take its place
  • To fill a gap in a collection
  • To complete a set i.e. a client is missing an armchair

How to commission a reproduction

  1. Provide a photo, drawing or object
  2. Determine the wood, color, finish and dimensions
  3.  A detailed contract along with measured drawings, transportation decided and deposit received before construction begins