Using techniques and similar materials that are centuries old, Gregg Perry conservators perform the time honored techniques of traditional oil and water gilding. For over 2 years, Perry had apprenticed under the première gilders in Paris, France and in Florence and Venice, Italy.



All gilding work is performed by hand, including gesso production and application, grinding and filtering of clays (bole), recutting of gessoed surface, burnishing and patinization.



Perry’s specialty is Louis XIII-XV gilt-carved frames and furniture as well as English Rococo looking glass frames.

  • Consolidation of flaking gesso
  • Cleaning
  • Replicating missing carved elements
  • Traditional water gilding using 23 karat French and Italian gold leaf
  • Patinization of new gold leaf to replicate original gilding
  • Restoration treatment for all periods of gilt and parcel-gilt wood furniture, mirrors and frames